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    3M Anti Glare Screen Filter Traditional 19inch AG19.0

    Product Code: NCA1477
    Non-Returnable Product

    • Helps reduce glare and mirror-like reflections which makes you screen easier to use in high-glare situations
    • Easy to apply, removable and re-attachable. No lamination, no bubbles
    • Lightweight, thin, frameless design
    • Protects screen against scratches
    • Compatible with most touchscreen displays
    • Diffuses light so your screen is easier to see in challenging and changing indoor lighting conditions
    • Helps reduce mirror-like reflections from indoor bright lights
    • Enjoy a clear screen in brightly lit indoor areas, even near windows
    • Compatible with most touchscreen displays
    • Lightweight, thin, frameless design
    • Gives screens an added layer of durable protection from dust and scratches
    • Matte surface cleans easily and hides fingerprints
    • Attaches with optically clear adhesive strips or easily removable slide mount tabs
    • 100% hand inspected for quality assurance

Product Details

General Information

Colour Clear
Manufacturer 3M
Screen Size 19in
Touch Compatibility Yes
Anti-Glare Yes
Anti-Reflection Yes
Aspect Ratio 5:4
Dimensions 376.2 x 301.6mm
Frameless Yes
For Device Type LCD Monitor

Product Information

Brand Unbranded
Type Screen Filters


Display and device technology continues to advance. So do we. Behind the simplicity of our products is a powerful combination of optical science and sheer ingenuity you've come to expect from 3M. Our anti-glare solutions work simply and beautifully on most of todays monitors - including touchscreens - to help protect your screen and improve your view in indoor bright or challenging lighting conditions. Amazing optical technology from 3M diffuses mirror-like reflections to help keep what's on your screen clear and visible, while providing a layer of protection from dust and scratches.

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