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    3M Bright Screen Privacy Filter for Apple Macbook Pro 16 M1-M2 16:10 BPNAP005

    Product Code: 3M33857

    • On average, 25% more brightness than the other black privacy filters on the market.
    • Touch compatible.
    • 100% hand inspected for quality assurance.
    • Includes 3M™ COMPLY™ Adhesive Strips so your screen privacy filter remains securely in place and does not need to be removed.
    • Nanolouver technology that powers a premium visual experience, perfectly balancing privacy, exceptional brightness and clarity.
    • Enables incredibly vivid screen viewing with proprietary technology that enables 85% transmission of the device's brightness.
    • 60° viewing angle.
    • Helps reduce blue light without distorting the natural color of your display.

Product Details

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Brand 3M
Type Screen Filters


Get the revolutionary new privacy filter that so seamlessly protects your onscreen data, you'll hardly know it's there—but visual hackers around you will. Introducing the 3M™ Bright Screen Privacy Filter. Easy to apply, easy to use, easy to forget it's there. Only from 3M™, the experts in screen privacy.

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